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Angela was discovered by an IMG scout when she was 14 years old, and immediately signed with IMG New York.Angela was born in Midwest City, Oklahoma, the daughter of Randall Lindvall, a pharmacist, and Laura Rasdall, a medical technologist and massage therapist.“I feel like the real me is so much more the girl that is digging in the soil and taking care of the kids and growing vegetables.My boyfriend will be like, ‘Oh, my God, I totally forgot I’m dating a supermodel.’ And he’s like, ‘What I love about you is that you’re a dork and you love to get dirty.’" That last line might actually have the double meaning you’re no doubt reading into it.And she’s leveled come-hither glances, mischievous smiles, and striking stares, over and over.Her face isn’t just her face; it’s been “the face” of all of your favorite rappers' most name-checked brands, from Valentino to Dior to Chloé.She was married to William Edwards from 2002 to 2006 and she has a son, William.

She is the daughter of Laura Rasdall and Randall Lindvall.

"There are all these preconceived notionsabout models,” says Angela Lindvall, “and I feel like I’m so far from that."In person, bikini-clad and red-lipsticked on the patio of a Pasadena mansion, Lindvall doesn’t exactly dispel any of those notions: She looks like what would happen if you asked all of America’s red-blooded 17-year-old boys to simultaneously stop rubbing themselves long enough to rub a giant magic lamp and make a wish.

At first glance, or even on her 100-and-something-th magazine cover (she can’t recall how many), she’s the very dictionary definition of a dream-girl supermodel.

Angela Lindvall is every man's fantasy: she has learned how to kick it with cowboys and walk in Paris at high fashion runway shows.

This All-American angel is one you'll want to keep your eyes on.

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